LEGISLATIVE Status Report - April 2017

Child and Family Services--NH Children's Lobby

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Bill No





HB 155

Relative to Funding For Kindergarten Programs

This bill increases funding for pupils attending full-day kindergarten programs




Child Protection   


Relating to Natural Rights Of Children. Providing That Children Have A Natural Right to Be Protected By Their Parents

This constitutional amendment concurrent resolution provides that children have the natural right to the protection of their parents in the control of their health, education, and welfare

HB 326

Regarding Immunity Under The Child Abuse Reporting Law

Removes criminal immunity for persons participating in good faith in a report of child abuse under RSA 169-C (The Child Protection Act)

HB 422

Repealing The Child Protection Act

This bill repeals the child protection act and establishes a study committee to address additional statutory changes needed as a result of the repeal

HB 629

Establishing A Preference For The Appointment Of The Child's Grandparent As Guardian Of The Minor In Certain Cases

Benefit eligibility information is posted on website.
The burden of proof shall be by a preponderance of evidence that guardianship by grandparent is in best interest of child due to parent's substance misuse.
Establishes grandparent as the preference for guardianship in cases of parent's substance misuse.

SB 63

Relative to Record Management Of Abuse and Neglect Reports

This bill revises the record retention requirements for founded, unfounded, and screened-out reports of abuse or neglect.

HB 166

Repealing The Child Protection Act

This bill repeals the child protection act and establishes a study committee to address additional statutory changes needed as a result of the repeal

SB 167

Relative to The Burden Of Proof In Termination Of Parental Rights Cases.

This bill provides that the burden of proof in termination of parental rights cases shall be proof beyond a reasonable doubt, rather than clear and convincing evidence, that grounds for termination exist. The bill is a request of the supreme court





HB 216

Relative to Educational Assignments For Pupils Who Have Been Suspended

This bill provides that no pupil in kindergarten through grade 2 shall be expelled from a public school. The bill also establishes circumstances under which a pupil in kindergarten through grade 2 may be suspended

HB 270

Establishing A Committee to Study Suspensions and Expulsions In Middle and High Schools

This bill establishes a committee to study the incidence of suspensions and expulsions of children in middle and high schools

HB 271

Requiring The Department Of Education to Collect Data Related to The Reasons For Suspension and Expulsion Of Pupils

This bill requires school districts to report data relating to the suspension or expulsion of students in kindergarten through grade 12 to the department of education and requires the department to collect and report data




Family Law   

HB 236

Relative to Determination Of Parental Rights and Responsibilities and Establishing A Presumption In Favor Of Shared Residential Responsibility

I. Provides a list of factors the court may consider in determining parental rights and responsibilities.

II. Establishes a presumption in favor of shared parental rights, including residential responsibility.

III. Permits the court to modify parental rights and responsibilities based on the best interest of the child

HB 338

Relative to Grounds For Termination Of Parental Rights

State's obligation to terminate the parental rights of a parent convicted of murder or
manslaughter of a child's sibling or other parent applies to cases in which the child is born after the parent's conviction

HB 506

Relative to Notice Of A Petition For Modification Of Child Support

Allows a written notice to include by electronic means for issues concerning child support




Low Income

SB 218

Relative to Public Assistance For Certain Persons

This bill clarifies the definition regarding public assistance for persons with a disability who are eligible to participate in the work incentive program

HB 628

Relative to a family and medical leave insurance program

This bill eliminates the limitation on prosecuting sexual assault and incest cases, where the victim was under 18 years of age at the time of the offense




Health, Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities   

HB 468

Relative to Licensure Of Mental Health Practitioners From Other States

Allows persons licensed as mental health practitioners in other states to practice in this state 60 days after application to the board of mental health practice, pending final approval

HB 638

Repealing The New Hampshire Health Protection Program

This bill repeals the New Hampshire health protection program

SB 164

Removing The Limitations On Actions For Sexual Assaults On Victims Under 18 Years Of Age

This bill eliminates the limitation on prosecuting sexual assault and incest cases, where the victim was under 18 years of age at the time of the offense

SB 247

Preventing Childhood Lead Poisoning From Paint and Water and Making An Appropriation to A Special Fund

I. Changes the blood levels for investigations of cases of lead poisoning in children.

II. Requires testing for blood lead levels in children at the age of one and 2.

III. Establishes a remediation of lead in water and multifamily housing fund and makes an appropriation for the purposes of the fund.




Juvenile Justice   

HB 397

Relative to Juvenile Justice Procedures

I. Prohibits the use of handcuffs and shackles on a minor who is the subject of a juvenile delinquency petition while the minor is in a court facility occupied by members of the public.
 II. Prohibits a prosecutor, law enforcement officer, or other state or municipal employee from advising a juvenile or the juvenile's parent or guardian to waive the right to counsel.
 III. Limits the use of room confinement at the youth services center to situations in which there is an immediate risk of serious bodily harm

HB 646

Relative to The Placement and Detention Of A Minor In A Secure Facility

Limits cases that detention can be ordered
Reduces capacity to 36 youth
Eliminates certain charges that youth receive that can result in a placement at the Sununu Center
DHHS certify at least one residential facility
Most cases closed after 2 years
Release after 3 months unless otherwise specified
Quarterly review to see if less restrictive facilities are possible


Nonprofit & Miscellaneous   

HB 286

Requiring Reporting On Suicide Deaths Of Individuals Receiving Services Through The Department Of Health and Human Services or Its Subcontractors

This bill requires the commissioner of the department of health and human services, in consultation with the department of justice, to make an annual report to the oversight committee on health and human services relative to suicide deaths occurring in individuals receiving services through the department of health and human services or its subcontractors

HB 94

Prohibiting Certain Defenses in Prostitution and Human Trafficking Case

Prohibits the actor's knowledge of the other person's age or the consent of the other person as a defense for prostitution/human trafficking a person under 18 years old

SB 54

Relative to The Licensure Of Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Requiring Occupational Regulatory Boards and Commissions to Post Reciprocity Information, and Establishing A Committee to Study Licensure Of Alcohol and Drug Counselors

This bill increases the number of hours of alcohol and drug use education required for initial licensure as a master license alcohol and drug counselor or as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.

SB 98

Eliminating The Statute Of Limitations On Sexual Assault

This bill eliminates the limitation on prosecuting sexual assault and incest cases.