About Child and Family Services of NH

Statewide Headquarters
P.O. Box 448
464 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH  03105
603-518-4000    800-640-6486


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Child and Family Services of NH is a private, nonprofit that works to advance the well-being of children and families through an array of social services that includes following:  child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment; mental health counseling; home-based family strengthening and support; runaway and homeless youth services; eldercare; transitional and independent living; foster care; family counseling; adolescent substance abuse treatment; in-school social work; early intervention for children with developmental concerns; after-school programs for adjudicated youth; pregnancy counseling and prenatal supports & services; support for families with children who have chronic health conditions; adoption; summer camp for disadvantaged youth; and a child advocacy program that works at the legislative level to protect the best interests of children.

Through its direct service practice and public policy initiatives, CFS is unique in its ability to guard the rights and serve the needs of New Hampshire children.

With nearly 300 staff, 13 office sites, and a $12 million budget operation, CFS delivers 26 programs across the state-- addressing almost every human need at every age and stage of life-- to an average of 11.000 children, youth and families, annually.  In an average year, staff travel over 1.1 million miles, delivering services in every environment:  communities, schools, homes, courts, hospitals, prisons, the streets, neighborhoods, clinics, civic environments, human service agencies, resource centers, corporate offices, and the legislature.  

A founding member of the Child Welfare League of America, CFS is the oldest and longest-standing social service organization in New Hampshire (est. 1850).