At Child and Family Services, the Homestudy is a process of gathering information about adoptive parents, as required by New Hampshire Adoption Standards, and it also serves as an opportunity for adoptive parents to explore their adoption plan to be sure that it fits their goals.  The social worker provides support to the adoptive parents though the entire adoption process and can be a source of valuable information.

Child and Family Services is pleased to offer you a full range of homestudy services including:

  • Domestic homestudies
  • International homestudies
  • Homestudy updates
  • Post-placement visits & court reports

A homestudy is not an intimidating or judgmental process. At Child and Family Services, we believe that the homestudy is a way of gathering information about you, as required by NH Adoption Standards, AND serves as a forum to help you examine your adoption plan to be sure it suits your goals.  Your social worker is there to support you throughout the entire adoption process, and can be a source of valuable information for you.

To begin the homestudy, call us at (603) 668-1920 or (800) 640-6486.  We will be happy to answer your questions, and send you the homestudy application packet.

Once you receive it, mail the completed application back to us, and a social worker will call you promptly to set up your first visit.

The homestudy process consists of two - four visits with your social worker, each approximately 2-3 hours long.  At least one of these visits will be in your home, and it is often convenient to have the whole family there.  You do not need to make a special effort to prepare your home for us.  We simply need to be sure that it is a safe environment for a child.

During the visits, you will talk with your homestudy social worker about your background, your education and employment, your family, and your future plans and hopes for your child, as well as adoption related issues. There is a fair amount of paperwork required by the homestudy process, but we’re glad to assist you if you have questions.

After the completion of the visits, the information collected is compiled in a report form and sent to the agency or attorney with whom you will be working, and you’ll receive a copy as well.

Once you are placed with a child, you will have three more brief visits over the course of six months with your social worker (or more visits over a longer period of time if you have adopted internationally).  These post-placement visits are required by the court to be sure everyone is adjusting well, and to help answer questions you may have. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact The Adoption Professionals at Child and Family Services if you have any questions about the homestudy.  We look forward to assisting you!