Parents who are involved with DCYF and facing a Termination of Parental Rights may be interested in counseling to help them understand their options.  Many parents feel more comfortable with a voluntary Surrender of Parental Rights or a Mediated Adoption rather than face an involuntary Termination.  Counseling can help them make an informed choice for their child and themselves.

Once the decision has been made, the plan works better for all if the transition is done with sensitivity and respect.  Understanding the relationships between both sets of parents, planning the final visit and arranging ongoing contact can be emotional and confusing for the parents, the child and the foster or adoptive parents.  Counseling can help keep the focus on the best arrangement for the child and help the two sets of parents work together for a smooth transition.

Child and Family Services offers counseling and support for parents as they make a decision about the best plan for their child and as they proceed through the process.

Counseling services:

  • Counseling for birthparents who are involved in a termination of parental rights or who are considering a voluntary surrender of parental rights or a mediated adoption
  • Counseling for foster parents or adoptive parents during the transition
  • Social summaries for terminations of parental rights
  • Planning a final visit with birth parents
  • Facilitating ongoing contact


Areas served: New Hampshire


Call: 1-800-640-6486


Contact: Julie Daniels, LICSW, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 603-518-4121


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