Adoptees are curious about their biological roots and many express an interest in learning more at some point in their lives.  Many birth parents hope that one day they will be able to meet their child.  And most adoptive parents feel a special connection with their child’s birth parents and want to help him understand his biological family.  Some adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents only want non-identifying information while others would like to establish contact. This can be an exciting but challenging endeavor for all involved.

Child and Family Services offers individual and family counseling to adoptees, birth parents and\or siblings, and adoptive parents.  Each adoption is unique and the counseling will proceed according to the needs of all involved. 


Post-Adoption Counseling

Counseling is available for adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents. This could include exploring adoption issues that may affect relationships or re-establishing ongoing contact that may have lapsed.

Non-identifying Social and Medical Summary (for Child and Family Services adoptees only)

This includes non-identifying social information about the adoptee’s birth family that is available in the record.  It also may include circumstances of their birth, placement and medical history.

Search and Reunion   

Family members are not always ready at the same time to establish contact.  Counseling is helpful for the parties to prepare themselves for the process.  This process may include assistance in locating other family members, establishing contact through letters and phone calls, and arranging reunions. 


Areas served: New Hampshire


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