Family/Parent Support

The Family/Parent Support and Preservation programs offered by Child and Family Services of NH are designed to provide a wide array of support services to families throughout NH and portions of VT.  These programs offer emotional support and practical solutions in managing family life, work with families who struggle with employment barriers and offer assistance to those who need in home assistance with parenting and household management.  Other programs range from those designed to facilitate permanence for at-risk youth to support groups for parents to a program that assists families who have a child with a chronic health condition.



Child and Family Services provides an array of evidence-based family support programs for families at each age and stage of life.  


Most programs are offered at no cost to client.  Other programs are covered by insurance and are based on a sliding fee scale.  


The KEY FACTS box will list the areas where that program is provided and its eligibility requirements.  


Utilizing BEST PRACTICE standards in its clinical, community and home-based services, CFS is dedicated to strengthening and preserving families and ensuring positive outcomes for each family member.