About the Program

Families Connecting offers families guidance and support that is designed to minimize stress and maximize a family‚Äôs ability to succeed. Services are provided in the comfort of the family home. Families participate by choice, at no cost to them. 

When families have too many stressors, Families Connecting:

  • Helps parents help their children
  • Provides emotional support, encouragement and empowerment
  • Offers practical solutions to help in managing family life

Where appropriate, Families Connecting may provide:

  • Child care opportunities
  • Short-term overnight care

Families Connecting also helps with:

  • Learning effective parenting skills
  • Accessing community resources
  • Learning healthy ways to express anger and frustration
  • Resolving parent/child conflicts
  • Setting realistic family rules
  • Learning time management and organizational skills
  • Learning about health and nutrition and safety
  • Learning about budgeting finances


Referrals are accepted from

  • families themselves
  • schools
  • social service agencies
  • pediatricians and hospitals
  • family and mental health clinics
  • Division of Children, Youth and Families   



Any family living in Coos County including the communities of Groveton, Colebrook, Columbia, Stratford, North Stratford, Pittsburg and W. Stewartstown.



Areas Served:
107 Main St.
Colebrook, NH 03576 



Ann-Marie Smith, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 603-237-4884




Families Connecting is funded in part by Coos County Incentive Funds and is a partner in the Neil and Louise Tillotson Foundation Coos County Family Support Project.



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