Adolescent Community Therapeutic Services provides outreach, supervision, support and mentor services to court ordered youth between the ages of 11 and 20.  Through intensive community-based supervision and support, this program seeks to maintain referred youth in the community while increasing positive family functioning, increasing school attendance, and decreasing substance use and delinquent behaviors.  The program includes home and community-based supervision of adolescents through multiple face-to-face contacts per week (including weekends), and daily phone contact verifying school attendance and curfew compliance.  As well, the program provides youth with support in school.  Builds community connections for youth and promotes positive behaviors, pro-social activities, independent living skills and job readiness.


Services Provided

  • Daily monitoring of curfew
  • Daily school attendance checks
  • Monitor school performance
  • Weekly family, school and individual meetings, weekends included
  • 24-hour accessibility
  • Non-forensic drug screen
  • School advocacy
  • Case management
  • Community services arrangement and supervision
  • Job search/job skill training
  • Referrals to appropriate services and support groups

Referral process

Turnabout services must be court-ordered and the referral made by the Department of Juvenile Justice Services (DJJS) and the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF).  The initial period of services is 90 days.  Services can be extended in 30-day increments up to 180 days if approved by the Juvenile Probation and Parole Officer or are court-ordered.




CPSW, JPPO or court ordered

Areas served:


CFS statewide call center:  1-800-640-6486

Jeannette Birge, program director, 518-4183

Caryn Lemay, program manager, 518-4189

To make a referral:  Email  I This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 518-4189


Referral Form