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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camp is Camp Spaulding?
Camp Spaulding is an overnight camp for boys and girls between ages 8 and 14. We are a private non-profit program of Child and Family Services. Camp Spaulding is an income based recreational camp that serves children from low and moderate income families. We typically serve between 75 and 100 campers per session. There are four 2-week sessions. We do not offer day camp services.

Is Camp Spaulding licensed by the State?
Camp Spaulding is licensed by the state of New Hampshire and certified by the Division for Children, Youth and Families. Each year, we pass rigorous inspections to insure that we provide quality services to our campers.

What type of activities are there to do at camp?
Camp Spaulding offers a wide range of recreational activities including Arts and crafts, sports, field trips, drama, high and low ropes courses, archery canoeing, pool swim, fishing, nature exploration, horseback riding, swim lessons, and cabin activities. In a typical camp week there are five activity days and one theme day. Each activity day has four activity blocks that are 1 ½ hours long. In each block, at least five different activities are offered. Some activities are done with your cabin and others are camper's choice activities. Theme days can include Culture Day, Gold Rush Day, the Wacky Olympics, Harry Potter Day, Music Day, and other theme days.

Are there extra costs for certain activities like horseback riding, field trips or swim lessons?
No, the parent fee includes all activities.

Where do the field trips go?
Nearly each day a field trip of campers goes to various places in New Hampshire to explore the vast beauty and culture of our state. Trips have gone to the white mountains, the beach, camping trips, canoe trips, baseball games, parades, farms, museums and state parks.  

What are the qualifications of the counselors?
Counselors are adults, generally college students that are interested in working with children as a profession. We recruit from colleges in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont that have programs in various fields of human services. Most counselors are seeking degrees in Education, Social Work, Psychology, Child Development or Human Services. Some counselors have come up through our own Counselor in Training program and have been affiliated with Camp Spaulding for years. Each year we invite up to six counselors from foreign countries to join our staff. They have come from England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Germany and Africa. Each counselor goes through a thorough reference check and a criminal background with the state before being hired. All counselors go through a 10 day counselor training program to learn all aspects of Camp in addition to specific training for their specialty (Ropes, Lifeguard, Horses, Archery)

What is the counselor to camper ratio?
Our Counselor to camper ratio is 1 to 4. Each cabin houses 10 campers and two counselors. In addition, specialist staff assist with activities. There is also usually a Counselor in Training in each of the younger camper's cabins.

What are the cabins like?
The cabins have recently been built, so they all have a large room with 5 bunk beds for campers and a smaller room for counselors. All are insulated, have electricity, real windows and doors with screens. Some have decks others have their own bathroom. Fans are provided for improved air flow.

How do I apply to Camp Spaulding?
You can download an application from the Camp website at the top of this page or you may stop by one of our offices or call: 1-800-640-6486 Ext. 4110 to obtain a packet. Camp applications cannot be returned via e-mail.

What is needed in order to sign my child up for camp?
Because Camp Spaulding offers a sliding fee scale, there are several things needed in order to enroll your child at camp. A fully completed camp application along with income verification and a deposit of ½ the total camp fee is required in order to process an application.

How is the camp fee determined?
Our fee scale is based upon total, gross (before taxes) household income from all members within the home (including live-in partners) and the number of people within your household. The fee scale is located on our Camp Spaulding brochure. A copy of the brochure is available by calling: (800) 640-6486 Ext. 4110.

What are acceptable forms of income verification?
Camp Spaulding's sliding fee scale uses current income. If you work full time (40+ hours), a copy of your paycheck is sufficient. A yearly W2 is also acceptable but only if you've worked the full year prior and your income at the job is relatively the same. If you work part-time, then copies of the last four to five consecutive weeks of your most recent paychecks will be used to determine an average weekly pay. If you are not employed and receive TANF or welfare benefits, your State caseworker will be able to provide you a benefit summary. If you receive Social Security/Disability/Survivor benefits, a copy of the benefit letter typically received at the end/beginning of the year will suffice.

If you are not able to provide income verification, you will be expected to pay the full camp fee. We will, of course, adjust your fee once verification has been provided. Also, if you are paying the full camp cost, no income verification is required.

I have a live-in partner, how does that work?
While we understand that your partner may not be the child's parent, we do feel he/she does significantly contribute to the household relative to living expenses and indirect care to the child. Therefore, any income must be included.

A member of our household pays child support. Do you deduct for that? If you or a partner pays out child support, you may include that child as another member of your household, even if he/she doesn't live with you.

I would like to send more than one child to camp, do you offer discounts for each subsequent child within a family?
Because Camp Spaulding offers a sliding fee scale to our actual cost of $900 per child, we are not able to provide discounts for siblings.

How many sessions can my child attend?
Camp Spaulding has traditionally been for Merrimack County residents only. However, over the past several years, donors from other areas have allowed us to extend the camp experience to children state-wide. In an effort to allow more children the camp experience, we are only able to offer one session to each child outside Merrimack County. Those children within Merrimack County may attend two sessions.

My child has behavioral issues. How will you deal with this?
Camp Spaulding is a recreational camp. We do not provide therapeutic services to campers. If your child has issues that you feel could impede on his/her camping experience, please contact Ed Orlowski at (603)518-4330 or (800)640-6486 Ext.4330 to discuss whether Camp Spaulding is appropriate for your child.


Is there a medical form that must be completed?
Yes. Once your camp application, income verification and deposit have been received and processed, a medical form will be sent to you along with other information.   State law requires this form to be completed in full by both a parent/guardian and the child's physician. If your child has had a physical within the 24 months prior to the start of the camp session, AND has had an examination within 12 months, then a visit to the doctor is not needed. However, the form must be completed and signed by the doctor. If your child has not had a physical and/or a visit for any other reason, then you must schedule an appointment. Please do this as soon as possible to ensure your child's eligibility to attend camp.

My child has never been away overnight before. What should I do?
Every child is different. We suggest you discuss the camp experience with your child. Arrangements can be made to visit the camp so that your child can see the camp grounds. Sometimes arranging to send your child with a friend can help as well. You can consider sending your child to the one week session so that he/she can try it. We also offer a Parent Information Night for first time campers to Camp Spaulding. This allows both parents and campers an opportunity to tour the grounds, meet the staff, have any questions answered, etc. We typically hold Parent Information Night in mid June.  

What does my child need to bring to camp?
There is a complete list of what to bring included with the application package. Generally, a couple of weeks of summer clothes, two bathing suits, two pairs of sneakers and rain jacket as well as toiletries and any medications he or she is taking.

What about illness and medications?
Camp Spaulding has a live in nurse to dispense your child's medications and treat any of the usual day to day issues. It is important that a two week supply of all of your child's medications come to camp with him or her. We are affiliated with the Concord Family Health Center, which provides Physicians weekly to check in on any emerging health concerns. In the case of any emergencies, Camp Spaulding is located minutes from the Concord Hospital. The cabin counselors have all been trained in basic Red Cross First Aid and CPR.

When are Check-in and Check-out times?
Check in is between 9 and 11 on the first day of camp. You will generally spend a half hour going through the check in process with your child and then if you would like, see his/her cabin and meet their counselors. Check out time is between 2 and 4 on the last day of camp. At 2:00 we hold an award ceremony where all campers receive an award from their counselors based on their unique qualities that they brought to camp. Parents are encouraged to attend the ceremony.

Will my child need money at camp?
We have a camp store with low cost items that is open daily. Generally $5 will be sufficient for a camper's expenses for the session. Campers can earn extra camp bucks for doing good deeds around camp.



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